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Hans Dampf

Review | Schwalbe Hans Dampf: Jack of All Trades or Master of None? | Ride Report

Schwalbe claims the Hans Dampf is a jack of all trades for the perfect trail ride and offers amazing grip and incredible control. Sounds like what we all want from a tire, but does it deliver? I tested the Hans Dampf 2.35 in Schwalbe’s grippy TrailStar compound, both in the 650b / 27.5“ and 29 […]

Enduro 2017

Specialized Enduro 2017 – Here it is

Here it is: A first spy shot of the new Specialized Enduro 2017 has appeared.       After months of speculation about the new Specialized Enduro 2017, it seems a first spy shot has appeared. The new Enduro seems to fulfill most people’s expectations:   X-Wing frame design Slacker head angle Slightly Lower BB on […]

Maxxis DHR II 2.4

Review | Maxxis Minion DHR II 2.4 Wide Trail and 2.3 | Ride Report

Maxxis Minion DHR II is an all-round, all mountain tire that works both ways. One of the go-to tires for a wide range of terrain and conditions, Maxxis DHR II is now available in a new, wider, grippier 2.4 “Wide Trail” design. Here’s how it rides, as a rear and front. . This review covers the […]

Fox Ranger Green

Review | Fox Ranger Glove | Ride Report

If you’re looking for a lightweight glove for all-round riding, the Fox Ranger glove is a top choice at a reasonable price.  Gloves are much like saddles – a very personal fit. What suits my hands might be a misfit for another rider. That said, there are a few things about the Fox Ranger gloves […]

Claimed 2017 Epic

Specialized Epic 2017 and 2018 – What can we expect?

The Specialized Epic is due a relaunch for the 2017 model year. How will the legendary cross country and marathon machine evolve? Will the redesigned Epic follow the trend in trail bikes and become slacker and longer?  Recently, pictures leaked that are claimed to show the upcoming 2017 model year Specialized Epic. If the information […]

How do you like your chain stays?

How do you like your chain stays? Do you prefer short chain stays or a longer rear center? The chain stay debate is a never-ending quarrel, the dispute is heated, and the camps seem entrenched. Is there no middle ground? It is time to reconcile.  But first, let us draw the line (with a wink): […]


Review | Shootout: Schwalbe Magic Mary vs. Continental Der Baron vs. Maxxis Shorty

  If you’re looking for the best mountain bike tire for intermediate conditions and all-round aggressive riding, Schwalbe’s Magic Mary, Continental’s Der Baron and Maxxis Shorty are probably on your short list. After testing all of them, does one outshine the others?  If you want a definite answer, you could stop reading right here, because […]


26 ain’t dead

Yes, I’m a wheel size agnostic. I like bikes, no matter what wheel size they are. I absolutely appreciate a 29er’s stability and rollover, and I firmly believe that when you get them up to speed, they perform and feel agile – not as agile as smaller wheels, maybe, but not enough to offset their […]

Maxxis Shorty

Review | Maxxis Shorty 2.3 and 2.5 | Ride Report

Most of us hate switching tires. Aren’t we all looking for the one tire that’s a keeper? Whether you’re descending on dry, loose, blown-out corners as well as a bit of mud, Maxxis claims their Shorty handles it all well. They designed it it for the steep, technical monsters that are today’s World Cup downhill […]

1x12 Eagle cassette gold

Eagle Has Landed – SRAM Eagle 1×12 is Here in Gold

It is here, and it is golden. SRAM today lifted the embargo for their 1×12 groups, code-named XX1 and X01 Eagle. Here’s what you need to know about SRAM Eagle 1×12.    SRAM introduces the two groups with the SRAM Eagle 1x promotional video:     XX1 Eagle Sporting fancy gold decor, the XX1 Eagle […]

Enduro 29 with 650B Yoke

Review | Specialized Enduro 29 with 650B Enduro Yoke – A Better Beast?

Why would you install a 650B Enduro yoke on a Specialized Enduro 29? It could damage your frame, void your warranty and ruin your ride – it better be worth it. Find out if it is, and who’s it for. A lot of people ride stock bikes – they buy a bike and ride it, […]

Who is Jeffsy

Who is Jeffsy? Unriddling YT’s Latest Marketing Stunt

YT is known for its marketing stunts. Recently, the German direct-to-consumer brand surprised us by signing Aaron Gwin for World Cup downhill. Now they are about to present Jeffsy, a new product, and much like they did when introducing their Capra Enduro bike, they start with a riddle on a dedicated microsite. On, we are […]

Magic Mary Review

Review | Schwalbe Magic Mary 2.35 | Ride Report

Is it magic? We’re all looking for the one tire that does it all and never lets us down. Schwalbe claims its Magic Mary is your dream tire. Is she? Introduced in 2013, Magic Mary was an instant hit. She’s the successor of the manufacturer’s long-time favorite, Muddy Mary. In the Schwalbe mountain bike tire […]

What’s my Wheel Size?

The wheel size debate seems to be never-ending. Whether it takes the form of a humorous, ironic banter or a serious, bitter argument – it is not easily decided. And no matter how many bikes you have in your garage, when you are about to buy a new one, you have to make a choice. […]

Frame 02

Specialized Enduro 2017 – First Leak of Frame Design?

Recently, what looks like a Specialized patent drawing appeared and was claimed to show the upcoming Specialized Enduro 2017 frame. The picture appeared in various online forums and immediately, speculation ran wild, with users wondering whether this is the first leak of the new Specialized Enduro 2017 frame. Here’s why I think this is not […]

Trek Spring Sales

Specialized, Trek, Giant and Cannondale Announce Spring Sales Promotions

If you are looking for a new bike or gear from Specialized, Trek, Giant or Cannondale, you might be in luck: The four major manufacturers have announced special spring sales offerings, with price cuts as high as 25%. Whether there is confusion over new wheel size standards or we’re just seeing a normal cycle, apparently […]

iXS Trail RS side

Review | iXS Trail RS Helmet

Freeride hero Richie Schley is known for promoting top brands, so when you come across a helmet that bears his initials – the “RS“ in iXS Trail RS helmet – you probably should take a closer look.  I’ve been riding the „Schleyer“, as iXS also calls it, for quite a while – more than two […]

Demo I Header

Specialized Going Direct Sales in the US?

I just saw the new alloy Demo announcement and went to the Specialized website to have a closer look. What I found was a big “add to cart” button. Specialized had been selling bike parts and rider gear via their US website, but not complete bikes or frames. It seems a major shift in their […]


SRAM 1×12 X01 “Eagle”: SRAM Gives us Crazy Gears

The rumor mill has been cooking for a while on the topic, and recently, spy shots emerged of what seems to be the imminent release of SRAM 1×12. The forum posts quickly disappeared, only to pop up in a number of places again. The leaked pictures indicate the new 1×12 group, codenamed „X01 Eagle“ comes […]

Der Baron clears nicely

Review | Continental Der Baron Projekt 2.4 | Ride Report

Yes it is wet. And it is cold, too. I don’t know where you are, but where I am, the trails have received their annual rinse. In fact, they got plenty, a lot more than last year, and enough to change the color of my bike. That the ground on a few of my home […]

Specialized Enduro 2017 – What can we expect?

The Specialized Enduro has always been a category-defining bike. Its first iteration dates back to 2000, long before the Enduro World Series. Since then, classic mountain biking – riding up and down mountains – got „Endurofied“ to the extent that we now have Enduro backpacks, Enduro helmets, Enduro goggles and much more. Some of it […]


Reach: Bike geometry tables haven’t done the math for us

If your favorite day is spent riding a mountain bike, chances are you’ve not drooled over algebra and trigonometry in school. But hear me out, because as a rider, you really need Pythagoras. Until a few years ago, we’ve measured bikes based on two numbers: Seat tube and top tube length. That made some sense for […]