Eagle Has Landed – SRAM Eagle 1×12 is Here in Gold

It is here, and it is golden. SRAM today lifted the embargo for their 1×12 groups, code-named XX1 and X01 Eagle. Here’s what you need to know about SRAM Eagle 1×12. 


SRAM introduces the two groups with the SRAM Eagle 1x promotional video:



XX1 Eagle

Sporting fancy gold decor, the XX1 Eagle group brings a lot of bling. It appeals to successful and aspiring XC and endurance racers and enthusiasts. The group consists of:

  • XX1 Eagle Trigger and Grip Shift options
  • XX1 Eagle Rear Derailleur
  • XX1 Eagle Crankset
  • XX1 Eagle Chain
  • XG-1299 Eagle Cassette – grading 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28, 32, 36, 42, 50 teeth
  • Complete weight: 1456g (excl. BB)
  • MSRP $1,417

SRAM Eagle – SRAM XX1 Eagle Derailleur

SRAM Eagle – SRAM XX1 Eagle Crank SRAM Eagle – SRAM XX1 Eagle Cassette

SRAM Eagle – SRAM XX1 Eagle Chain



What if your life is all golden, so you don’t need your bike to be? Not a problem, XX1 Eagle is available in black, too.

Still too flashy? No need to worry, there’s X01 Eagle, as well.

X01 Eagle

In a more traditional black/red coloring and targeting the Enduro and aggressive trail rider, the X01 Eagle sits below the XX1 and offers the same range in a sturdier package. SRAM offers a complete X01 group consisting of:

  • X01 Eagle Trigger and Grip Shift options
  • X01 Eagle Rear derailleur
  • X01 Eagle Crankset
  • X01 Eagle Chain
  • XG-1295 Eagle Cassette, same grading as XX1
  • Complete weight: 1502g (excl. BB)
  • MSRP $1,193

SRAM Eagle – SRAM X01 Eagle Crank SRAM Eagle – SRAM X01 Eagle Chain SRAM Eagle – SRAM X01 Eagle Cassette SRAM Eagle – SRAM X01 Eagle Derailleur

X01 Eagle is available in two colors: Red (red/black) and black (charcoal/black).

Both groups share the Eagle chainring. Additionally, the SRAM XD driver body is presented next to the group sets – and yes, this means you can keep your XD driver body. SRAM Eagle works with 11-speed compatible frames and SRAM XD driver-compatible wheels and hubs. That’s actually the most important message for me.

Here’s the overview of the component prices and weights:


Group XX1 Eagle X01 Eagle
Price Weight Price Weight
Crankset $ 425 465* $ 390 495*
Cassette $ 420 355 $ 360 355
Rear Derailleur $ 289 264 $ 220 276
Shifter $ 162 122 $127 126
Chain $ 85 250 $ 85 250
Chainring $ 99 $ 99
Total (individual components) $ 1,480 1456g $ 1,281 1502g
Total (group MSRP) $ 1,417 $ 1,193

*  includes 32 tooth chainring.


The groups also share the chain, except for the color: XX1 Eagle gets a golden chain, whereas X01 Eagle’s chain is black. SRAM stresses how much the chain contributes to  the “Eagle™ drivetrain’s ultra-smooth, precise, durable and quiet performance. The Eagle™ chain’s links have a smooth radius, with no sharp edges or chamfers, which yield a significant reduction in noise, friction and wear on chainrings and cassette cogs.”


According to SRAM, the new groups are available June, 2016.


I’ll update this post as more information comes in.


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