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If you’re looking for a lightweight glove for all-round riding, the Fox Ranger glove is a top choice at a reasonable price. 

Gloves are much like saddles – a very personal fit. What suits my hands might be a misfit for another rider. That said, there are a few things about the Fox Ranger gloves that are noteworthy and will appeal to many who are looking for a lightweight glove. 

Fox Ranger Glove Fox Ranger Green

I’ve been riding these for three years now, and they’re among my all-time favorite gloves, and it is easy to see why: They are lightweight and not too warm to ride even in midsummer. Personally, I dislike mitts (fingerless gloves), so I need a light set of full-finger gloves. These are light enough I can wear them throughout summer, yet warm enough to use them in spring and autumn, unless it gets really cold or very wet. If you do find these too warm, which I doubt, they’re also availably as a short finger glove. Even on hotter days, I never wished for a lighter glove and overall, I find them a perfect fit and very comfortable. Despite their light weight, they have double layer padding on the palm, and I found they offer a more than adequate level of protection. Of course, for really rough rides, I’d pick a sturdier glove – but that’s when I’m wearing dedicated protective gear, too, so on these rides, the gloves are the least added baggage. Obviously, they’re not downhill or enduro (there, I said it) gloves, but when I involuntarily touched down, they held up well and I got back on the bike without abrasions or any other issues (knock on wood).

Pros Cons
Lightweight Don't work well with phone screen
Not too hot, ideal for summer riding Not too sturdy
Reasonable price


I did get a few weals last year, but I don’t blame the gloves for those. There’s basically just one gripe I have with them: The silicone coating on the glove’s fingertips doesn’t let me manipulate my phone’s screen with accuracy – sometimes it does work, more often, it doesn’t. Especially the swipe gesture is pretty much hopeless. When a call comes in, I’ve resorted to removing the glove instead of trying to carry out my mostly futile attempts to accept the call while wearing the glove. When I’m in the woods, I like to be riding, so when I do get a call, I want to handle it quickly and continue riding as soon as I can. 


Fox Ranger Black Palm Fox Ranger Finger Coating


Tim’s Take: The Fox Ranger is an excellent lightweight glove for all-round trail riding, at a reasonable price. Not being able to reliably manipulate a mobile phone screen is no more than a small nuisance, and certainly not a deal breaker. 


Tech Information

Manufacturer: Fox
Model: Fox Ranger Glove
Sizes: S, M, L (tested), XL, 2XL
Price:  28 € – $24.9


    • Neil on July 3, 2016 at 18:18


    Hi Tim
    I might try some of those.
    No problem answering a smartphone call with incompatible gloves, just slide with your nose on the touch screen ;-).
    Attracts some interest if anyones looking tho!

    Just kidding really, you’re right, of course, touch screen compatibility is nice to have in bike gloves.

    1. Tim
      • Tim on July 4, 2016 at 06:41
      • Author


      Thanks, Neil, I may try the “nose wipe” ;-). Apart from the phone screen issue, these have been working great for me.

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