Specialized Enduro 2017 – First Leak of Frame Design?

Recently, what looks like a Specialized patent drawing appeared and was claimed to show the upcoming Specialized Enduro 2017 frame.

The picture appeared in various online forums and immediately, speculation ran wild, with users wondering whether this is the first leak of the new Specialized Enduro 2017 frame.

Here’s why I think this is not the case:

  • It looks like a Demo – the frame in the drawing looks similar to the Demo frame, with its asymmetrical seat stay design and accessible shock.
  • It is not an X-Wing – the Enduro’s X-wing frame design is iconic. Why would Specialized drop the Enduro’s unique visual identity?
  • Patent drawings are, well, drawings – they are supposed to illustrate the nature of the invention, not necessarily other details. If this is a patent drawing, it could relate to any kind of invention that is shown. One of the most prominent features in this drawing is the one-side seat stay with the open access to the shock – that the shock itself is not shown as a coil, is not necessarily relevant for illustration purposes. In my opinion, it is likely that this drawing refers to the asymmetrical frame design that was introduced with the 2015 Demo.



Frame 01

Claimed Leak of Specialized Enduro 2017 Frame


What I think the 2017 Specialized Enduro will be like:

  • The 2017 Enduro will keep the iconic X-wing frame
  • It will be loosely based on the 2016 Stumpjumper design, with the X-wing frame possibly an extension of the Stumpy’s two-pronged top tube
  • SWAT door in the down tube, similar to the one introduced on the 2016 Stumpy and Camber models
  • Slacker and lower – lower BB, slacker head angle, while keeping a steep seat angle
  • Slightly longer chain stays
  • Space for a water bottle
  • Internal cable routing
  • SRAM X01 Eagle 1×12 on the S-Works models

In a recent article, I’ve talked about what I expect from the 2017 Enduro in more detail.

The Elephant in the Room…

… is Boost, obviously. I’m not sure whether Specialized will add a 6Fattie / 27.5+ option. On the one hand, Boost is coming and we see it on more frames, including 650B frames, such as the new Ibis Mojo 3. Certainly, fork manufacturers will want to avoid producing the same fork in non-Boost and Boost, so we could see 100mm forks being phased out even on bikes that don’t benefit from Boost that much. On the other hand, Specialized has only recently introduced the Stumpjumper 6Fattie, and might want to wait for feedback from the market. They admitted they are still in the learning curve regarding 6Fattie / 27.5+, and I think this also applies to the industry in general, with some manufacturers designing Plus sized bikes around 3.0 tires and others focusing on 2.8 tires. Tire-wise, the standard is still in its infancy with mostly thin and low-profile tires offered. For Enduro races, Plus tires would need reinforced sidewalls to protect against flats and help stability in rough cornering – which would make them heavier.

It is not impossible, but I don’t think Specialized will resort to flip chip tactics like Santa Cruz did with the new Hightower. Specialized has a tendency to design for a focused purpose and try to achieve the best possible result for that one application. But the Enduro’s longer travel opens another option: With sufficient tire clearance, the 29er frame could serve as the basis for both 622 (29er) and 584 (650B with plus tires). In fact, the current Enduro 29er readily accepts 2.8 tires. So we might see a Boost rear triangle and Boost forks, and then Specialized could offer models in their lineup as a 6Fattie right from the factory.

Whatever the 2017 Enduro will look like – if the amount of speculation on the forums is any indicator, it will be an exciting release that many riders are waiting for.


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    • Dan on July 31, 2016 at 01:43


    Pretty good guessing. I’m thinking: Boost front and rear, non plus compatible. Same HA, longer CS, same BB height, bigger bearings, 1x only, more reach for each size, an Xl in 650b. And if Spesh is particularly smart, a threaded bb and grid tyres from the factory. Maybe even 5 or 10mm more travel.

    1. Tim
      • Tim on July 31, 2016 at 08:46
      • Author


      Thanks, Dan, good points. As more and more details emerge (including the 2017 dealer booklet), I think we can safely assume Boost front and rear (and, good news or not, I think it will bring along plus compatibility, as well, because they don’t really lose a lot by doing it). Spec should certainly spec grid tires – they do the same on the 2017 Stumpjumper FSR (possibly to differentiate from the Camber), so it would only be logical to have them on the Enduro, as well. With the 2017 Stumpjumper 29 at 150 fork travel, we might see bigger front travel on the E29, too. I do expect a slightly lower BB, significantly slacker HA on the E29 (Stumpy 29 is now at 67°) and slightly longer reach and chain stays. I’ve also heard rumors on a threaded BB.

    • Kubas on August 1, 2016 at 19:37


    Hi guys
    I’m the man behind this drawings. It was just a joke and few weeks ago I wrote article about this (in Russian): http://twentysix.ru/blog/126850.html with all explanations about design, possible geometry, etc.
    I took some new demo drawings and after 4 hours in Photoshop I completely changed it. This is how Enduro 2017 drawings were born. After that some European and USA forums published these pictures and even made some color sketches based on this drawings. It was very interesting to talk with Specialized guys in their European office two months ago about this because they of course saw it but don’t had any ideas about what’s going on. I thought that Specialized really can make a new Enduro in some kind of this design but now I’m know that new Enduro will keep current X-Frame design but with SWAT door and some geometry changes. So Tim was right in his thoughts. But anyway I like idea of the asymmetrical Enduro frame.
    Cheers from Russia

  1. Tim
    • Tim on August 1, 2016 at 19:56
    • Author


    Thanks, Nikita – fame at last!

    The drawings caused a massive wave of speculation on the forums.

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