Who is Jeffsy? Unriddling YT’s Latest Marketing Stunt

YT is known for its marketing stunts. Recently, the German direct-to-consumer brand surprised us by signing Aaron Gwin for World Cup downhill. Now they are about to present Jeffsy, a new product, and much like they did when introducing their Capra Enduro bike, they start with a riddle on a dedicated microsite.

On Jeffsy.com, we are greeted by a red-head whose friendly smile turns sour as she confesses: “I hate Jeffsy.”

The following video explores a troubled relationship, as her boyfriend states as many reasons why he loves Jeffsy as his girlfriend voices why she’s hating Jeffsy.


Who is this Jeffsy who has become her boyfriend’s best buddy and threatens their relationship? That’s the riddle YT wants us to solve.

Is Jeffsy a Dirt Bike?

Recently, in an interview on signing Aaron Gwin, YT’s Markus Flossmann has confirmed a carbon dirt bike is in the works:

“On top of that, we designed a carbon slopestyle frame that’s going to hit the shelves soon, despite knowing from the beginning that we’d never be able to cover the expenses of the development process.”

This caused a lot of people to suggest that Jeffsy would be a slopestyle bike. A couple of aspects lead me to think that it is not likely. First of all, this is a major marketing campaign for YT. Even though they’ve emphasized that they stay true to their roots, they’ve also made it clear that they know how to run a business. So whatever is coming should better cover the expenses. In addition, a couple of statements in the video hint at something less specific and more general in use than a slopestyle bike. Let’s look at some of the statements and what they could indicate:

Statements in Video Interpretation
„Since he’s around, it’s pretty much going downhill.“ Downhill could be a pun, not only referring to their relationship, but also suggesting the new bike is a capable descender
„When I’m with Jeffsy, I don’t push boundaries, I destroy them. Doubts? Gone. Fear? Gone.“ His girlfriend reiterates, „Risk awareness? Gone.“ Given YT’s gravity background, this refers to descending.
It could mean jumps, and it would fit a dirt bike.
„With Jeffsy around it is all our or nothing. Together we overcome any obstacle, discover rad places…“
and she adds, „… he’s out god knows where, with Jeffsy.“
He says, „You know like, we’re here one second, BOOM, gone the next.“
This hints at a bike that helps him go places, a bike that increases his radius and that is quick to accelerate.
„I can’t even plan a trip to the grocery store. Who knows what they’ll be up to.“ Just like the restaurant statement, this could be a hint at an urban environment, which would fit a slopestyle bike.
He gives me so much strength and confidence. I know whatever life throws at me, Jeffsy has my back.“ This sounds really generalist. Could this be a 29er? Or a 27.5+ bike?


Yes, these statements fit a slopestyle bike. But YT already has a slope style bike, and Markus Flossmann refers to a carbon slopestyle frame that is coming. This could be an entirely new model, or just as likely be a carbon version of their Dirt Love.

The statements also fit an aggressive trail bike. After introducing their Tues downhill bike, YT have been moving into less travel with the Capra Enduro. Jeffsy seems to be their first big launch after the Capra.

If you just designed the Capra, what would be your next big thing?

Since introducing the Capra, YT has entered the US market and signed leading gravity athletes, including Andreu Lacondeguy and Aaron Gwin. They want to grow, and it seems they want to grow fast. With that in mind, I think Jeffsy should address a wider audience and is most likely an aggressive trail bike with a few of the following traits:

  • Short travel, relatively to what you’d expect from YT – possibly 120 to 150mm depending on wheel size
  • Aggressive geometry relative to the travel – head angle in the 66°-67° range, low BB, similar to what other companies have been working on recently (e.g. The Following).
  • Wheel size wise, it could be a 29er – it would make sense to complement their line-up, and aggressive 29er bikes like the E29 have shown for quite a while that they can be excellent descenders. It could also be a 650B, possibly with the option of running 2.8 tires, like the Ibis Mojo 3.
  • It could be a BOOST frame that accepts 2.8 or even 3.0 tires.
  • It will be a do-it-all bike, with a playful geometry.


Of course, this is all speculation, but, according to YT’s countdown, we’ll know about Jeffsy on the 7th of April.

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